CARP Summary of Election Promises on Seniors Issues

On October 19, 2015, Canadians will line up to cast their ballots in the 42nd federal election. While the country gets ready to go to the polls, CARP is creating a list of each party’s promises, especially as they relate to the concerns of CARP members and older voters.  As the campaign goes on and the parties develop their platforms, this list will grow.

All of the information in this list is taken directly from each party’s published platform and from official statements made by party leaders in the media and directly to CARP.

CARP does not support any one party, and this list is intended to serve as a neutral guide to issues directly relevant to older Canadians. It is structured to allow for easy issue-by-issue comparison. Other items of interest which do not specifically involve older Canadians may be found in each party’s full platform.

platform economyplatform mailplatform health careplatform pharmacareplatform caregiversplatform home careplatform senior veterans


To read the full Conservative platform, click here.

To read the full Liberal platform, click here.

To read the full NDP platform, click here.

To read the full Green platform, click here.