Mississauga and Brampton Chapters: WE ASKED YOU: What issue are you most concerned about going into this election? Why?

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Here’s a sample of what you had to say:

• Tax cuts. I’m not enamoured with the Conservatives but even less with the Liberals and I wouldn’t vote NDP. Trudeau wants to raise taxes on those making more than $100,000 and I don’t agree with that. ~ John Schwalm, Brampton

• I have been a life-long Liberal. People talk about Stephen Harper that he will get rid of gay marriage and that he has a hidden agenda. That is not true. He is not a covert politician he is an overt politician. ~ Gabriel Torchia, Mississauga

• What concerns me most is the economy but not the false economy, the real economy. The false economy is about money, the real economy is about the environment. Without fresh water we will perish.~ Ken Fisher, Brampton

• I’m concerned about bills, now laws, C-24 and C-51. I have lived in Canada for most of my life; I was not born here. And, as a writer, I am concerned about issues of free expression and repercussions from the government ~ .Jody Aberdeen, Mississauga 

• I hope they look after seniors. I’m 80 years old. I never worked because my husband worked and I looked after the children, so I don’t get a Canada pension, I get my husband’s survivor pension, but the ones who looked after the children never got anything like that. I get my old age pension and my supplement because my income isn’t all that big. So, I hope they keep that up, you know, looking after seniors – not go backwards, go forwards.~ Henrika Vandevalk, Mississauga 

• The environment (because) our economy is dependent upon it and we have been avoiding any work towards it and plundering all the federal funding to environmental projects in order to create a false sense of prosperity through business ventures and trade in the country. ~ Alex Curley, Mississauga

•  (That) people (have) decent jobs because so many young people don’t have decent jobs. All these free trade (deals) that (Stephen Harper) is signing, that, to me, isn’t creating any jobs. Harper himself, personally, I don’t think he’s that well liked. The Americans don’t like him and the other countries don’t like him. So, he can sign all the free trades you want, if you’re not well liked, you’re not going to get extra trade, or all that stuff. So, I’m not for that free trade. ~ Gerald Aubin, Mississauga

• At out CARP meeting recently, we were told that Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) had sent out surveys to candidates in Brampton. The Liberals and the Conservatives did not respond at all. Apparently one NDP candidate (out of five) and two Green Party candidates got back to us. If they (candidates) want our vote and want us to respond, shouldn’t they show the same courtesy to what’s important to us? Issues concerning seniors are important to me. My husband and I are doing OK, but so many seniors don’t have the financial security. I will be voting for the right candidate more than a particular party.
~ Shirley South, Brampton

• Issues for seniors, healthcare and economy are important to me. I am concerned that young people can no longer afford to buy homes in Brampton because of unemployment and under employment. Manufacturing appears to have left Brampton. The city, to me is just an empty warehouse.
~ Steve Payne, Brampton

I am a retired person so I am concerned about seniors’ issue and economy. I also think the government should invest money in introducing more programs for seniors, programs so that seniors have a place to meet and socialize and not feel isolated. ~ Parvez Sidhu, Brampton