CARP congratulates Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau. CARP members eagerly anticipate action on long list of campaign promises targeting seniors

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CARP congratulates Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau.  CARP members eagerly anticipate action on long list of campaign promises targeting seniors

October 20, 2015

Toronto, ON:

CARP congratulates Justin Trudeau on becoming Canada’s new Prime Minister with a majority government well positioned to act on comprehensive promises made to older voters. CARP Polling shows that CARP members made a difference at the polls.

“CARP members will welcome the new Trudeau majority government. CARP, along with our colleagues in Seniors Vote, looks forward to working with the new government to begin implementing the long list of promises directed at seniors. PM-elect Trudeau committed to CARP members in person, not once but twice, that he would increase the CPP and return the OAS age to 65 among numerous promises all of which would improve the lives of all Canadians as we age. CARP members will also be gratified that all the parties made clear and important promises directed at older Canadians.

While a lot of credit has been given to the Hurricane Hazel ad in the final days of the campaign addressing seniors, CARP members can take some credit for hosting the event featured in the ad and at which those promises were made. They will have recognized their logo behind PM-elect Trudeau if they caught the Jays’ division victory game, Hockey Night in Canada and the National on CBC – the CARP logo alongside other Canadian icons.” said Susan Eng, Executive Vice-President of CARP

CARP was honoured to host Trudeau during a campaign stop at CARP headquarters (watch video here) in September wherein Trudeau announced to a room full of CARP members his seniors’ focused platform that included a long list of promises:

  • Reversing the eligibility age of Old Age Security (OAS) to 65
  • Boosting the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) by 10% to provide almost $1000/year more per  GIS recipient – aimed especially at helping low-income seniors who live alone;
  • Setting a new seniors’ price index to ensure that OAS and GIS benefits keep up with rising costs;
  • Enhancing the CPP;
  • Extending the flexibility of compassionate care leave for caregivers.

Now, CARP members, who attended in person and 300,000 members across the country along with the 50 seniors and retiree groups collaborating under Seniors Vote, will work to ensure he keeps his promises. CARP has long called for a comprehensive approach to ending poverty in old age, including an increase to the CPP, restoring the OAS eligibility age to 65, increases to the GIS, and an equivalent to OAS spousal allowance for single older Canadians, 1 in 4 of whom live in poverty.

With a majority government and promises to work cooperatively with provincial governments and opposition parties, Trudeau has been given a strong mandate with which to fulfill his promises to the electorate. CARP members will expect the new Prime Minister to uphold his vision for Canada set-out during the election campaign.

CARP members were instrumental in the results of the election. Like all older Canadians generally, CARP members turned out to vote in droves. Nearly 13,000 CARP members responded in less than a day to the CARP Poll™, conducted just 3 days before Election Day. Over 40% had already voted and they demanded the change witnessed on Election Day – not only on their priority policy issues but also in the government.

The poll, taken by nearly 13,000 members of the CARP Poll™ Online Panel, accurately predicted the Liberal Party would win a majority of the popular vote to form government.

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