CARP welcomes Canada Post backdown on controversial community mailboxes

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October 26, 2015

Toronto, ON: CARP members will welcome Canada Post’s announcement that it will suspend installation of community mailboxes pending further direction from the incoming government which campaigned on restoring home mail delivery. CARP members polled said that door-to-door mail delivery is an “important national service” and shouldn’t be eliminated, and voiced their concerns about barriers to accessibility for seniors.

“Our members had concerns about frail seniors being unable to retrieve their mail on their own, as well as poor security for important mail like cheques and bank statements, paper copies of which, our members still receive. Most important though, our members feel their taxes, which have been building and maintaining this country for so many years, can be spent on delivering the mail, a basic function of a civilized society, without breaking the bank. We have been very vocal in this view and it is with satisfaction we see the executives at Canada Post taking a cue from those who are not only their customers, but their employers” said Susan Eng, Executive VP of CARP

Canada Post announced that it is suspending the installation of the community mailboxes:

All opposition parties, including the incoming government, campaigned on restoring door-to-door mail delivery.


“CARP members will welcome this move by Canada Post to suspend installation of community mailboxes which was imposed with no consultation and barreled forward despite community opposition. This is clearly in response to the election promise made by the incoming government to restore home delivery and while welcome, should also mean that home mail delivery will be restored. Just suspending the unilateral installation of the mailboxes without keeping or restoring home delivery would be a double injury.” added Susan Eng



The majority agree door-to-door mail delivery is a worthwhile service which should be maintained (56%).
Do you agree or disagree that door-to-door mail delivery is an important national public service that should not be eliminated?

   Agree strongly    31%
   Agree    25%
   Disagree    25%
   Disagree strongly    15%


The most serious consequence of ending local mail delivery is seen to be frail seniors unable to get their own mail (49%), followed by the feeling we pay for it and should receive it (13%).
What is the most serious potential consequence of eliminating door-to-door mail delivery?

Frail seniors unable to get mail 46%
Service our taxes pay for and we deserve 13%
Community mailboxes will be crime/litter magnets 8%
Carriers can’t check on shut-ins 3%
Bills/cheques will be less secure 3%


The same majority agree that ending local mail delivery could be an infringement of charter rights (56%).
Canada Post has committed to ending door-to-door mail delivery across Canada, a change applying to all Canadians. Yet not all Canadians are equally able to get their own mail from community mailboxes, including the frail elderly and the mobility challenged. Do you agree or disagree this policy infringes the Charter rights of these Canadians to be treated equally regardless of age or disability?

   Agree strongly    29%
   Agree    29%
   Disagree    22%
   Disagree strongly    12%


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