Longest Serving CARP Chapter Chair, Ron Farrell

Ron Farrell is CARP’s longest serving and current Chapter Chair with twelve years of volunteer leadership in North Bay, Ontario.    Following their recent application, the Chapter received an Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat grant to provide rural seniors with a Patient Advocate Office.

In keeping with his personality, Ron recognized a problem and sought to fix it by providing rural, frail seniors with a service to navigate the health care system. This effort is testament to his kind, caring and effective leadership style.

Farrell has watched the CARP Chapter network grow around him.  North Bay was one of a only a dozen chapters when Ron took started with CARP in 2002. Today CARP boasts 60 Chapters across Canada, and Ron’s leadership has been an example and benefit to our new chapters as they have developed over the years.

We are lucky to have Chapter Chairs like Ron, who take the initiative to make change in their community.