CARP Advocacy responds to Ontario’s Auditor General Report on GFB

Below is a podcast of Goldhawk Fights Back [GFB] that aired on December 3, 2015 featuring an interview with Michael Nicin, Director of Policy at CARP and host Dale Goldhawk, speaking about the release of Ontario’s Auditor General Report highlighting that the homecare system in place is failing the very people it was designed to help. Nicin elaborates on this by saying that although the government has invested new money in the past five years, the systemic inefficiencies have diminished the effect that increased funding would have on improving homecare coverage. Nicin notes that for every dollar spent, 60 cents goes to the front line and the remainder goes to the administration, pointing to the need for administrative reform to make sure that more funds are spent on direct provisioning of care. At the same time, Nicin states that the number of people living with complex needs is on the rise, yet the level of support available tends to vary by postal code rather than need. Nicin concludes by emphasizing that homecare needs to be part of an integrated healthcare system. Click here to listen to the full podcast interview.