CARP Year-End Poll Report 2015

Key Findings

Members are upbeat and positive about their lives, and caring and altruistic about others’ lives.

CaptureMembers are very happy with their lives, on balance, and may be slightly happier this year than last. They spend, on average, just less than $700 on holiday gift shopping, most of it on a credit card. Half shop online, and they do, on average, about one quarter of their shopping by computer.

Most travel for pleasure, but fewer will travel this holiday. If they do, it will be to visit family or to go south, usually with a spouse. One half travel away from home in the winter, and those who do, stay, on average, two months.

Relatively few will spend the holidays alone, but as many as a quarter know someone who will.

Members wish for health for themselves and their families as well as an end to global conflict. Few want personal benefits such as a lottery win or extended life.

Almost all members donate or volunteer charitably, and as many as half donate only. Preferred recipients are social welfare agencies such as AA or food banks, disease research and college funds or religious giving. The most important motivation for giving is to help people, followed by giving to specific causes. Many say they want to give back or that they have always given.

Members approve of Canada’s plan to settle Syrian refugees here, the majority think the refugees will have a positive effect on the country and many have or will donate to refugee relief.

The Liberals have half the vote preference (a spot formerly held by the Conservatives), the Conservatives have a third of the vote and the NDP have their lowest vote share we have recorded, in the mid-single digits.

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