CARP Statement; Susan Eng Dismissal

February 5, 2016

In response to Susan Eng’s allegations, CARP has issued three statements:


CARP denies Ms. Eng’s allegation that her dismissal was in any way related to her position on the question of physician-assisted dying. The membership of CARP has spoken clearly and in overwhelming numbers in support of physician-assisted dying. CARP fully supports this position. It is our policy not to comment any further on employment matters such as these.


We assert categorically that there was never any instruction from Moses Znaimer to Susan Eng to put forward any particular policy position as Ms. Eng alleges. Nor was any disagreement on policy the basis of the dismissal. 

Notwithstanding Ms Eng’s assertions, she is aware of the actual grounds for her dismissal and so, beyond that, CARP views this as an employment matter and further comment would be inappropriate.


Five months ago, we moved Susan into a new position, and it has not worked out. Beyond that, as stated previously, this is an employment issue.


In response to Susan Eng’s allegations, we hope that you will not make a snap judgement based upon Susan’s public recital of her, incorrect, version of events.

This is purely an employment matter and one that we had hoped could be addressed between the association and Susan, professionally and practically. That Susan has chosen to involve the press and attack CARP, its policies and CARP President Moses Znaimer, is reflective of the concerns that arose regarding her judgement. 

If you have read, heard or watched CARP’s treatment of this important issue you’ll have seen that all views are given due exposure and are, and will continue to be, taken carefully into account. 

As for Wanda Morris, she’s an outstanding advocate with not only a track record of success all the way up to the Supreme Court, but a history of working collaboratively with staff, colleagues, members, the general public and government. 

We thank you for your concern and trust that this reply explains things. Otherwise it is steady as she goes.