CARP Members can get a 10% savings on a Boomerluxe subscription!



What women doesn’t like a good surprise?


Boomerluxe was created with this in mind. The idea of giving and receiving a gift box designed for us each month was what we were looking for but couldn’t find.


We are proud to introduce the boomerluxe subscription box to you at a discounted rate of $89.99 for a 3 month subscription and we look forward to making you happy each and every month.



Each month celebrates YOU with one gift from each of our 5 categories: Fashion, Beauty, Sexuality, Technology and Wellness.


Our boxes are expertly curated by 50+ women, for 50+women. We go through a series of product testing, deliberations, and personal scrutiny to narrow down our options for the items you will surely love! Excited to get your hands on your boomerbox?   We offer 1 month, 3 & 6 month.

IT IS YOUR TIME. PRODUCTS JUST FOR YOU.  YOU DESERVE THIS.  Be a fabulous 50+ women or subscribe for the fabulous woman in your life!




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