National Volunteer Week Appreciation

When CARP first started over thirty years ago with a mission to fight on behalf of older Canadians, we knew that we needed eyes, ears and voices speaking on behalf of Canada’s largest advocacy association, highlighting important issues such as not having enough to live on during retirement and need for improved access to healthcare which includes a national dementia strategy to support those living with dementia and their caregivers providing around the clock care.

CARP’s advocacy success would not be possible without our volunteers representing the interests of many Canadians, sharing similar concerns about their livelihoods and those of the future generations. Our volunteers have been credited to have quite the resume, and if we would compile one to represent the diversity of our volunteers and their skills, experiences and knowledge, we would have one of the richest CV’s in the country, with super powers to create positive systemic changes.

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, CARP National acknowledges that with every meeting, event, media appearance and every time that you speak to a member, you are directly supporting CARP and our overall achievements. Your energy and commitment to fight on behalf of 300,000 members as well as Canadians as a whole is recognized by National Office and organizations that we work with, and we appreciate you and how crucial your work is for CARP’s success.

Recently, CARP National was approached by Globe and Mail to feature one of our chapter chairs in their video retirement series.  Randy Filinski, chair of Ajax Pickering chapter for over five years represents what CARP’s volunteers stand for and represent in their communities. Many are continuing to work or are retired professionals with a wealth of experience and commitment to share and inspire their communities to work together and achieve real change. Randy is profiled for his work in healthcare with Rouge Valley Health System, tackling one of the most pressing issues of our time.  This is just one example of CARP’s chapter successes across this country, as there are many more times when you and your teams across the country step up and advocate loudly to promote issues that resonate with ageing Canadians and their families and result in real and impactful changes in people’s lives.

We are proud and delighted to have so many vibrant and compassionate people on our team, fighting for the same causes and thinking about others first. We couldn’t do it without you and we appreciate your talents, time and passion immensely! We are ecstatic at opportunities ahead and working with you to achieve real results that reflect the interests of all Canadians as we age.

A big THANK YOU from CARP staff for your hard work and dedication!


If you are interested in volunteering with one of CARP’s active chapters across the country, please send a note to [email protected]