CARP Consumer Banking Poll Report

Key Findings

Throne Speech

Members see the Speech from the Throne as an election platform, not a governing roadmap, and they assume it is directed at party loyalists and swing voters. The consumer-friendly items in the Speech are seen as bright, shiny distractions from urgent priorities including pension reform and CPP enhancement, which led the government to miss an important opportunity to do its job by planning for an aging society.

Slide1The promise to scrap paper bill fees is well-liked, as is the promise to strengthen drug recall protocols, but there is little faith in balanced budget legislation.

Online Banking

Most members of the CARP Poll™ online panel, naturally, are adept with computers, and most do their banking online or online and at an ATM. Few visit their branch. Online (and ATM) banking is seen to be superior from a convenience and savings standpoint, but members recognize that other seniors do not have computers or do not feel comfortable with technology, and that allowances must always be made for these people.

Direct Deposit of Benefits

The direct deposit concept is well-liked because it is convenient and saves time and money, as well as being more secure from financial abuse. Once again, however, members recognize some seniors will not be comfortable with direct deposit and must be offered an opt-out.

Credit Card Merchant Fees

Members agree they do not want to pay the card processing fees charged to merchants by card issuers, and they think these costs should either be eaten by the merchant or not charged at all by credit card companies they already see as too wealthy. It is assumed these fees amount to about 2.5% of purchase, and that they are lower here than in the US.

Electoral preference

The Liberals have shared or owned first place in our poll for 6 months and have been firmly in first since September.

November 1, 2013

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