Looking out for our children’s children

You saved. You were careful with your money. You made sure that you were putting enough aside for your retirement. Now, with a little help from your pension, you are enjoying a comfortable retirement.

You’re doing ok, but you’re worried about those you love. You have children – or grandchildren – who are having trouble making ends meet, let alone saving for retirement.

Happy graduation dayChances are you know a young adult today who faces the triple whammy of student debt, precarious employment and high housing prices.

All Canadians deserve to retire with dignity, but it’s getting harder to do!

That’s why CARP members are speaking out for better retirement security for generations to come.

CARP members are calling for an enhanced Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) for future generations. This won’t help current retirees, but you’re not doing this out of self-interest – you want a more secure future for future generations.

CARP is fighting for better retirement security for future generations

CARP was recently at Queen’s Park to drive that message home. Wanda Morris, CARP’s VP of Advocacy, called on members of the Ontario Legislature to do everything in their power to support an enhanced CPP. Strengthening the CPP would give all Canadians a better retirement, no matter what province they live in.

This is a national issue that demands a national solution, so CARP is calling on the Ontario government to use its influence to push their federal counterparts to enhance the CPP.