Reversal of drug cost increases big wins for Nova Scotia, Ontario seniors

On average, seniors over 65 take five or more medications. Those over 75 take ten.

These medications control our symptoms and provide pain relief – but at a cost that adds up. CARP members believe nobody should have to worry about whether or not they can afford the prescriptions they need to stay healthy.

That is why CARP is pleased to report that the governments of Nova Scotia and Ontario listened to our members and reversed their decisions to increase the contributions, or co-pays, on prescription drugs for seniors.

You spoke and the governments listened!

Some Nova Scotia seniors were faced with premiums that had tripled, while some in Ontario would have seen costs nearly double. Seniors living below or just above the poverty line would have been ill prepared to absorb these additional costs.

CARP has long advocated for a National Pharmacare Plan: a robust, universal program that takes advantage of bulk buying to provide affordable medications to all Canadians. CARP looks forward to collaborating with Ministers of Health across Canada to bring a national drug plan to fruition.