The Canada Post lockout: how to be prepared

With a lockout at Canada Post looming, people should make sure to be prepared in case of a work stoppage.

Consider switching to paperless billing if you receive utility bills, credit card bills, loans and other financial obligations by mail. Most bills can also be paid for through your bank if you are uncomfortable paying online or are unable to do so.

For people without access to a computer, talk to family members or another person of trust to see if they can help you. If you have loved ones who are not online, reach out to them and make sure that they have made arrangements.

For people who receive medications by mail, you should contact your provider and see what their plans are in the event of a postal disruption.

According to Canada Post, CPP and OAS cheques are fortunately deemed “essential” and will continue to be delivered. They may, however, arrive on different dates that you are used to.

Most importantly, be proactive.