Canadian Veterans’ Benefits – What’s Going On?

Veterans AffairsSupport for Canadian Veterans has always been an important issue for CARP members, not only for our aging soldiers, but also for those returning from service today who are suffering from both post-traumatic and physical disabilities.

Currently there is a debate raging about changes to Veterans’ benefits; what the current federal Liberal government has promised and what the changes the previous Conservative government implemented really meant for Veterans. CARP is examining the statutory benefits and asking for your input.

Are you, or do you know a Veteran who is receiving benefits? Please share your story and let us know what benefits are being received.  [email protected]

According to the current regulations, here’s what Canadian Veterans are entitled to in post-retirement/discharge benefits.  Click for more information

  • Earnings Loss of Benefits – Regular Force Veterans – Max $4,714.00 per month
  • Disability Award – Lump Sum – to compensate for pain, suffering, physical, psychological loss, function impairment and impact on quality of life – maximum $301,275.26.
  • Extended Health Benefits under the Public Health Care Plan

Do you think the government should be doing more? Send us an email [email protected]