CARP Calls on Feds and Provinces to Return to the Table, Find Solution for Healthcare Transfers

Morneau Philpott


December 22, 2016

 Vancouver, BC  CARP members were disappointed to learn that no deal was reached on the Canada Health Transfer funding plan proposed by Ministers Morneau and Philpott at the special meeting of Health and Finance Ministers from across Canada this week.

CARP was pleased with the Liberal government’s pledge to increase health transfers annually by 3.5 per cent and provide additional funding of $11.5 billion, including $6 billon allocated to Homecare and $5 billion for mental health over the next decade. With New Brunswick opting to sign a unilateral deal with the Federal Government, CARP is concerned that Canada could be looking at a provincial or regional inequalities in health care funding.

“This was a meaningful offer of healthcare funding. Our fear is that the alternative is significantly less funding for front-line caregivers, who are increasingly facing caregiver burnout. The healthcare savings opportunity provided by helping older Canadians to age in place with a funded, national homecare policy is crucial to a sustainable system.

“’It’s time for problem solving not posturing. Canada has one of the highest per-capita healthcare budgets in the world, delivering a relatively lackluster system – the Provinces need to focus on doing a better job of healthcare delivery.  The Federal Government needs to get back to the table to negotiate a reasonable healthcare transfer with the Provinces to ensure that patient needs are met equitably across the country. Both levels of government need to come together to put Canadians first.” said Wanda Morris, CARP VP, Advocacy.

Increased investments in homecare are long overdue in Canada.  Over 8 million Canadians provide unpaid care to a loved one, but too many lack the financial, emotional and physical support it requires.

Caregivers face a number of challenges, ranging from loss of employment and income to physical and mental anguish.  They need practical support and financial recognition; and that’s why CARP has launched our Caregiver call to action Campaign to fight for robust and comprehensive caregiver support.

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