How Do Long Term Care Homes Measure Up?


The link below provides information about Long-Term Care (LTC) homes in Ontario. LTC homes are co-funded by the provincial government and residents who live in the home. LTC homes are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The ministry also conducts inspections of LTC homes to ensure they are being operated in compliance with provincial legislation and regulations and that residents receive proper care.

The Reports on LTC homes will help you find LTC homes within a desired area and see general information about the home, such as the type of home and the number of licensed beds. You can also view ministry inspection reports and see if any orders have been issued to a particular home.

The provision of this information does not imply any endorsement or recommendations of any LTC homes.

Click here to find inspection reports of LTC facilities in Ontario.

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British Columbia

Residents of BC can find read the Facility and Residence Reports here

Vancouver Coastal Health Reports

Fraser Health Inspection Reports

Interior Health

Island Health

Northern Health

People residing in assisted living residences, including those that are not publicly subsidized, are protected by provisions under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. The role of the Assisted Living Registrar, as set out under this Act, is to protect the health and safety of adults who can make decisions on their own behalf but require a supportive environment due to physical and functional health challenges. The Registrar administers these provisions, which require assisted living operators to register their residences and meet provincial health and safety standards.

See information about the:



Accommodation Standards Licensing and Public Reporting, click here

The Government of Alberta has the responsibility of overseeing the provision of services in Alberta’s continuing care accommodations and providing timely and transparent information to the general public.

Alberta Health monitors all supportive living and long-term care accommodations for compliance to the Accommodation Standards at least once annually. The purpose of the Accommodation Standards is to ensure accommodations maintain a high quality of accommodation services (e.g., meals, building maintenance, security and housekeeping) that promote the safety, security and quality of life of Albertans living in those accommodations.

This website provides current information about compliance and complaints related to the Accommodation Standards in supportive living and long-term care accommodations to help Albertans make informed decisions.

Living Registrar posts substantiated complaint information reports, following an investigation, that provide a high level summary of information on assisted living residences and may result in loss of registration if not remedied. These reports include the type of concern or complaint reported to the Registry, and are presented in a way that does not compromise the personal privacy of residents.