“Shame On You Kathleen Wynne!” – Hydro Rates Hurting Seniors

“There is no way that anyone can grow old gracefully in any more… not with the Hydro Bills… and shame on you Kathleen Wynne!” Alison Lakey, Burlington, Ontario

CARP Continues to be contacted by seniors across the Province of Ontario who are making the decision between heating their home and paying for medicine and groceries.

Mrs. Alison Lakey of Burlington, Ontario, contacted CARP after writing to Premier Kathleen Wynne and recounting the trouble she was having making ends meet in the face of skyrocketing electricity prices in Ontario.  Mrs. Lakey says that she has to sell her home and worries that she might die if she can’t afford her needed medication as the cost of living continues to increase despite her modest fixed income.

ZoomerNews Videographer, Darrin Maharaj, visited Mr. and Mrs. Lakey at their home and tells their story in the video above.

CARP continues our campaign to compel the Ontario government to act immediately to bring Ontario Hydro rates down to the national average and to roll back the time of day pricing which is particularly punitive to seniors who are in their homes during the peak rates.  Seniors are afraid to do their laundry, watch television or heat their homes during their waking hours, not knowing what the results will be when they get their next hydro bill… and how much damage it will do to their monthly budget.

Visit www.carp.ca/hydro to join our campaign.