Family reaches out to CARP after father assaulted in long-term care

James Acker

Mr. Richard Carbino sent a desperate note to CARP President, Moses Znaimer, on the evening of January 30th, wondering what action his family could take to help protect vulnerable seniors living in long-term care. Richard shared two heart-breaking photos of his father in law, who had been assaulted in his sleep the night before, by another patient at his long-term care residence. The 86 year old victim, Mr. James Acker suffers from dementia and is currently in hospital recovering from his severe injuries.

In a follow up interview with ZoomerRadio host, Libby Znaimer, Tammy Carbino, the daughter of the victim said, “I would appreciate any help or advice that the good people at CARP could give to me.”

“I want change!  I want change! The health care system has to change…. I’m in shock that we are having this conversation… How many of our elders have to die or be hurt?”

CARP has asked for an immediate meeting with the Ministry of Long-Term Care and the Carbino Family, calling on the Provincial Government to address this issue without delay.

“I want to share my story and create awareness to get this message out there.  This affects all of us. We all have mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles. We’re all being affected and we all need to come together.  There needs to be change at the Provincial and Federal level.”

According to one of the callers into Libby Znaimer’s interview with Tammy Carbino, “if this was happening in pediatric wards, the government would be outraged and reacting immediately.” CARP is calling on the Province to share that outrage, speak out and take action now.

Listen to the entire interview here with Tammy Carbino and Libby Znaimer.

You can make a difference!

Phone or send a letter now to Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minster of Health and Long-Term Care, demanding that the Province take immediate action to assure safety of patients in Ontario’s long-term care homes.

 Phone: 416-656-0943

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January 30, 2017

Hi Moses,

How are you?

Take a look at these photos of my father in law (Tammy’s Dad).  He was almost beaten to death in his sleep at St. Joseph Villa (Long Term Care Facility) in Dundas, two nights ago. He is gentle soul of 86 and has dementia.  Another resident (with dementia) walked down the hall to his room and beat him  at around 2:00 am.  This was NOT noticed by any staff (until they found him wandering around the halls bleeding profusely after the attack!!!   There are no security precautions in place (such as bed alarms, hall cameras or door alarms). This is a government run home and it seems to me like there is a systemic breakdown and gross negligence on the part of the home.  He was sexually assaulted 6 months prior by a woman resident and his clothes are stolen from his room on a regular basis.  This is an outrage and I feel that this would be a great story for Zoomer.  I have been doing some research and I apparently the volume of dementia patients in Ontario is going to double in the next 10 years.

Please call me,


Abuse 1
Abuse victim, James Acker, age 86