CARP 2017 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

CARP presented its recommended priorities to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, as the province looks to prepare its budget for spring 2017.

Among CARP’s asks:

Increased Investor Protection:

  • A best interest standard that eliminates compensation-related conflicts of interest
  • The elimination of embedded fees
  • Legislation to enable self-regulatory agencies to collect fines owing.

Restoring sanity to Ontario’s electricity rates:

  • An immediate reduction in hydro rates for low-income seniors
  • The elimination or reduction of peak charges, at least for low-income earners
  • A progressive rate system that rewards those who conserve power while charging more to high energy users.

Support for Caregivers:

  • The introduction of a caregiver means-tested allowance of $100 per week
  • Increased funding for respite care

Funding for Homecare:

  • Increased funding for homecare delivery
  • Standardized reporting to highlight deficiencies and promote equitable services for all Ontarians

The full submission to the Minister can be found here.