CARP Presents: Expert Panel on Cholesterol Health

CARP Presents: Expert Panel on Cholesterol Health

CARP has assembled a panel of experts with host Libby Znaimer to discuss the negative health implications of high cholesterol for Canadians as we age.

  • What is good cholesterol and what is bad cholesterol?
  • How does cholesterol affect my health?
  • What can I do to lower my bad cholesterol?
  • What medications are recommended by doctors to help lower cholesterol?
  • How can I help to avoid heart attack, heart disease and stroke by tackling cholesterol now?

CARP has brought these experts together to educate our members about the risks associated with high cholesterol and what you can do to maintain prevent or reverse course on cholesterol and the risks associated with aging and high cholesterol levels.

Dr. Milan Gupta; MD, FRCPC, FACC: Cardiologist, Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University, and runs a clinical practice at the William Osler Health System in Brampton, Ontario.

 Jennifer Sygo; MSc, RD: Registered Dietitian and sports nutritionist with Cleveland Clinic Canada.

Durhane Wong-Reiger, PhD: President and CEO, Institute for Optimizing Health Outcomes. Patient group advocate

Dr. Judith Glennie: President, J. L. Glennie Consulting. Policy thought-leader and drug plan reimbursement expert.

Hosted by Libby Znaimer: Vice President, News and Information for ZoomerMedia

You can watch the panel discussion below.