First Step Toward Justice After Her Father’s Beating

On March 9th, 2017, CARP was invited to sit in the Ontario Legislature Members’ gallery by Ontario NDP Long-Term Care Critic, MPP Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe), along with Mrs. Tammy Carbino, daughter of James Acker, who was brutally assaulted by a fellow dementia patient six weeks ago in an Ontario nursing home.

MPP Armstrong asked the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, The Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, about ongoing concerns with long-term care. She asked about the rigour of the inspection system and if he would be willing to meet with Mrs. Carbino and CARP to address why her father could be brutally beaten in his long-term care home by another resident and why he’s now stuck in hospital after recovering on a 3-6 month wait list to return to a safer long-term care facility.

Under pressure from MPP Armstrong, Minister Hoskins agreed to the meeting and sat down immediately after Question Period with Tammy Carbino, Wanda Morris, VP of Advocacy for CARP and MPP Armstrong.

Mrs. Carbino was able to provide details of her father’s assault at the hand of another dementia patient at St. Joseph’s Villa in Dundas, ON. She further recounted the inability of the facility to prevent ongoing abuse and how the staff on hand failed to intervene as the beating took place. Minister Hoskins agreed to work with CCAC (Community Care Access Centres) to ensure that her father’s case had been properly assessed and hinted to an impending announcement on Long-Term Care improvements in Ontario.

CARP will continue to work with all parties in the Ontario legislature and across Canada to improve the dignity and safety of all patient-residents in long-term care homes. Recently, CARP polled its members members about their experiences with long-term care and found that they strongly advocate for immediate action, oversight and safety measures to protect residents.

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