CARP Advocacy Action Fund

The Advocacy Action Fund is a vital resource to be applied when a threat to the rights and dignity of our members is imminent. Every dollar donated is held in a separate account that is independent of the daily operating budget of the association. The Advocacy Action Fund is utilized whenever CARP does not have the time to seek donations, and must engage immediately in government lobbying and consultation, or generating awareness on an impending assault on seniors rights.

NDP Critic for Long-Term Care Teresa Armstrong, Tammy Carbino, victim’s daughter and advocate, and Wanda Morris, VP of Advocacy, CARP.

While we cannot predict the political future, we do know that older Canadians must remain vigilant to ensure that our rights to health care and financial security are protected. The Advocacy Action Fund enables CARP to be on the front-lines, defending your rights across Canada.

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