CARP calls for public inquiry into elder abuse

June 5, 2017 – Last week, CARP called for a public inquiry into how long-term care deals with abuse and untimely deaths of long-term care residents in Canada. The call for inquiry came as Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former RN, was convicted for murdering eight seniors in long-term care residences, attempted murder of four, and assault of two residents.

Earlier this year, CARP launched a public awareness campaign on elder abuse in long-term care residences after receiving a heartbreaking letter and photo from James Acker’s family. James was beaten in his long-term care home and died two months later in hospital.

“CARP is very concerned about attitudes and behaviours towards our most vulnerable Canadians in long-term care,” says Morris. “A public inquiry is long-overdue.”

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The Windsor Star – Ontario nurse details ‘red surge’ and ‘that laughter’ behind slaying of eight elderly patients.

Woodstock Sentinal-Review – Groups representing seniors say the murders of eight seniors in nursing homes merits a probe into conditions at long-term care homes nationwide.

Email from CARP Member
“I have been reading about Elizabeth Wettlaufer in the press …I heard on the news that CARP wants to make sure there is some sort of inquiry. Please, please, on behalf of the old and sick, help to blow the lid off the mess that is elder care…” Dorothy Harraher, Burlington, Ontario.

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Seniors in Crisis
Approximately 20% of Canadians know a senior who they believe is experiencing abuse, and some studies suggest that 8-10% of seniors experience elder abuse in one form or another.

Put another way, 766,247 seniors were abused in Canada last year.

The number of seniors is expected to double over the next 15 years and CARP anticipates that the number of seniors being abused will in turn increase significantly.