CARP’s 2018 Federal Budget Submission

CARP’s recommendations for Federal budget 2018 fall under three broad categories: protecting retail investors, enhancing retirement security, and providing caregiver support.

Protecting Retail Investors

CARP calls on the government to:
1. Compel Canadian investment firms to abide by compensation decisions of OBSI.
2. Ban the use of internal bank ombudspersons.
3. Make OBSI the sole ombuds organization for banks.

Retirement Security

CARP calls on the government to:
1. Re-examine current mandatory RRIF withdrawals.
2. Create incentives for delayed CPP and OAS withdrawals to 75; consider incenting deferrals without age limit.
3. Keep its campaign promise to introduce a Seniors’ Price Index.
4. Give Super-priority status to pensioners in bankruptcy or restructuring.

Caregiver Support

CARP calls on the government to ensure all caregivers have access to financial relief by making federal caregiver tax credits refundable.

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