CARP meets with dozens of MPs to demand pension protection

CARP Stakeholder Reception On October 25th, CARP created quite a buzz on Parliament Hill with our Put Pensioners First Campaign. We educated and lobbied MPs about the need for new legislation to better protect pensioners in the event of bankruptcy.

CARP’s visit to the Hill also garnered a lot of media attention which served to alert MPs to the importance of pension protection. Over 70 MPs showed up to learn more about how they could protect pensioners from losing their financial security. There was broad agreement from MPs that the current situation is unacceptable; many are ready now to support changes to the laws and most of the others wanted to learn more about pension protection.

Thank you to MP Rob Oliphant for sponsoring CARP’s reception, and to all of CARP’s supporters who called and emailed their MP to meet with CARP.

Click here to read the list of over 70 MPs that met with CARP.

We will continue to meet with, speak to, and educate members of Parliament until we have the reforms we seek. Bookmark this page to check in for progress updates and to find out how you can help each step of the way.

CARP’s Put Pensions First campaign was launched after Sears Canada said it would walk away from its unfunded pension obligations to 16,000 pensioners. The retailer has already eliminated health benefits and its pensions are at risk of a 20% reduction. Twenty thousand Canadians have already taken action to support CARP’s campaign.

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Some politicians are beginning to take action: Bloc Québécois MP Marilène Gill has introduced Private Member’s Bill C-372. NDP MP Scott Duvall is calling for major legislative changes to better protect pensioners.