Seniors Show Strong Support to Keep Discounts

January 9, 2018

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With many cities looking at reducing municipal seniors’ discounts (transit, parks and recreation services etc) to make them available to low-income seniors, and the topic has become a hot-button news story. In a poll of CARP members, an overwhelming majority believe municipal governments should keep the discounts currently offered.


Many still see seniors’ discounts as a means of showing respect to elders, and to finally get a benefit after having worked and contributed to society for so many years.




CARP members have also shown concern for changing municipal seniors’ benefits. Many agreed that restricting the discounts could lead to social isolation and reduced use of services for those who do not qualify.


There is also worry about seniors being able to access a low-income benefits system. Members are worried that having to prove low-income status will deter people from applying out of embarrassment, and difficulty in filling out online application forms.




When presented with different changes to municipal seniors’ discount programs, the majority of members who responded to the poll disagreed or strongly disagreed with any proposed changes.




To see the entire survey please click here.


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