Sorry, we didn’t mean to send that…

Did you receive an email from CARP on January 3rd thanking you for renewing your membership…but you didn’t actually renew anything? If so, here are some answers to the questions you might be asking:


Was CARP Hacked?

No. CARP was not hacked. The error occured within CARP’s server located at CARP. There was no external involvement and no third party has gained access to your information; financial, personal, or otherwise.

Was the email SPAM?

No. The email you received was not SPAM. It was sent directly from CARP’s servers as part of an automated email sequence. Its intended audience was anyone who renewed their membership with CARP.

How will this kind of error be prevented in the future?

Procedures and processes have been put into place that result in additional checks and balances prior to the start of a new marketing campaign. 

Was the original email I received – and the follow-up apology email – CASL compliant?

Yes. Neither of the emails sent on January 3rd were considered Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs), meaning that there was no intent to sell the recipient on goods or services. CASL Laws are intended to protect persons from being solicited or sold to without their implied or express consent. These emails do not fall under the definition of a CEM.

Was my Credit Card Charged?

No. If you have a credit card on file with ZoomerMedia Limited* – for any reason, past or present – it has not been charged nor compromised in any way. The specific system that sent the email is not directly linked to your billing or payment information, and is intended to send outbound messages only.

*A list of all ZoomerMedia properties can be found here:

How did you get my email address?

CARP does not “harvest” emails. If you are not currently a CARP member, nor have you been a CARP member in the past, it is still possible that your email exists in our larger ZoomerMedia Limited* database had you participated in any of the following activities with any of our brands:

  • You subscribed to Zoomer Magazine;
  • You entered a contest;
  • You signed a petition;
  • You signed up for an e-newsletter mailing list;
  • You joined a fan club;
  • Your email was added to a CARP account by your spouse.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible that someone you know may have used your email address on your behalf for any of the above-listed reasons.

*A list of all ZoomerMedia properties can be found here:

If I am currently a CARP member, what happens to my membership?

Unless you specifically renewed your membership on (or around) January 3rd, 2018, your membership status will stay exactly the same as it was before you received this email. Please feel free to log in to your account at and check the status of your CARP membership at any time.  

If you still have concerns about this recent communication:

If you still have concerns can contact our Customer Care team at 1-833-211-2277, or email us at [email protected].  

We have always, and will continue to, respect the specific interests of our audiences by delivering quality content and experiences for which we have been granted the permission to provide.