Haliburton Chapter January Newsletter

The following is from the Haliburton Chapter newsletter.


Belated Good wishes to all of our valued members  for 2018 and a sincere apology for the long delay in communicating with you all.   We have no excuse other than to say we’ve been rather busy…..”Spinning our Wheels”, mostly!

                Cyber Senior Program Cancelled !

YES, We are very sorry , to say that, after many hours of work preparing and finalizing our grant application for the Cyber Seniors program, and spending further hours planning and organizing it’s implementation, we found it wasn’t going to work!  Simply because the most important part of the project wasn’t going to happen!  The young students that we planned to have, show us Seniors the ins and outs of the modern tech world were not going to be available!  We are not entirely sure that this was the decision of the students, but we are sure, that the school and/or their parents decided for them, that they were far too busy to become involved!  The bottom line is that….. the Generation Gap is wider than it’s ever been and ….The younger Generation is just fine with that!!….and it’s most certainly going to get even wider!  And Fast!!

    At any rate, the end result was, that we had to admit defeat, cancel the project and return the grant money to the government!  We are deeply sorry that this project didn’t work out.  We still need to address this issue bu we have yet to figure out how!   If any of you have ideas, please feel free to contact us.  We are always open to suggestions from you, our members.

   Please, stay tuned, we are currently working on another grant, that may bring some exciting projects forth!

  •   We’ve had a slight change in the leadershipof the Chapter that we are pleased to tell you all about.  As you may recall from an earlier Newsletter, I and the Board, have been concerned that my advancing age is diminishing my ability to preside over general meetings and we have found a solution.  Director, Jon Dannewald has agreed to co-chair the Chapter with me and the Board was only too happy to agree and appoint him as such.  Jon and his wife, started, thankfully, by taking my place at the Annual National CARP Conference and AGM in Toronto, this Fall and gave a full report on this at the last General meeting.  I would gladly turn over the reign entirely to him, but Jon, like many of you, spends his winters down south!
  • There’s a Provincial Election coming up this year and as usual, our Chapter will be hosting an All Candidates Meeting prior to the election, so please stay tuned for the date and location for that and start thinking about any issues you would like to see addressed.
  • CARP National office has made a few changes this year as well.  Our Board was given a pledge to sign which indicates their significant dedication to the cause and their agreement to work within certain guidelines.  I am pleased to say that they all signed it, without hesitation, which was not the case with some of the other chapters.  Many thanks to our Board for their dedication!
  • Plans are already underway for this year’s AGM, so please watch for announcements on this and plan to attend. It all happens around the end of April!  Exact date and place to be announced later!