Windsor Essex Chapter January Newsletter

The following is from the Windsor Essex Chapter newsletter.


Hello to our nearly 4000 CARP members in our Windsor Essex Chapter!


Thank you for being members in Canada’s largest seniors organization with more than 300,000 members nationwide. Your membership is crucial in giving strength to our Advocacy efforts to advance the quality of life for Canadians as they age.


In 2018 our advocacy begins February 21 with a national day of action for improved pension protection to stop cases recurring like Sears and Nortel pensioners having their decades earned pensions being cut. CARP is calling for super-priority for pensioners in bankruptcy, along with pension guarantees in all provinces.


In the March Zoomer magazine pages 84-85, see CARP 2018 Top 5 Priorities: Pension Protection, RRIF Reform, Resident Safety in Long-term Care, Access to Housing, Stand (or Sit) Up Straight.


Members are encouraged to check to follow the important work being done on your behalf by your national team including the several dozen CARP Member Benefits for discounts across a variety of services and products.


At the local Chapter level, we have an active Executive who meet monthly to plan events and programs. We always welcome new members and currently have several openings particularly for those who have computer Internet skills.


In 2018, we will be organizing in the first quarter several workshops in partnership with the Windsor Essex Compassionate Community Care initiative. Watch for notices on time and location to learn important health care skills.


We will continue to monitor and promote as needed for a speedy implementation of the regional mega-hospital project and look for other local issues for which to advocate. Remember there will be a provincial election in June and municipal elections in November. Seniors votes do count!


We will return to past practice and organize our AGM for Seniors Month in June.


We will continue to work with other community seniors partners to organize on October 1 a celebration of United Nations Day for Elder Persons and Canada’s Seniors Day.


We will continue to support efforts in Windsor and Essex County to promote Age-Friendly Community practices and projects. We will complete our responsibility for organizing November 3 last year an AFC Seniors Summit with the help of an Ontario Seniors Community Grant.


We are happy to report the Seniors Summit was successful meeting the objectives of the Grant (the first grant applied and won by our Chapter).


We have had several University of Windsor students via its VIP program undertake telephone outreach with members. We request your cooperation with them as we need to update our data base, particularly email addresses, in order to communicate with members by the Internet as postal costs are prohibitively expensive for us. We also on these telephone calls look for your feedback on how we can better serve you and keep your membership!


BTW, please note our new now available  Chapter telephone number:

226 280 7745.


In closing, thank you again for your membership, please come out to events and activities, and please consider joining our Chapter Executive by contacting me,


Larry Duffield, President,

Windsor Essex Chapter 7,

CARP – A New Vision of Aging for Canada.

Tel 226 280 7745.