New Poll Reveals Top Priorities for Older Canadians

What is Most Important to Older Canadians This Provincial Election?

May 16, 2018 (Toronto) – More than three-quarters of CARP members (76%) rank health care as their top election priority, according a recent survey in Ontario. Other top issues include pension protection (42%), and a balanced budget and debt repayment (38%).
“Fixing health care is critical for our members,” said Laura Tamblyn Watts, National Director of Policy, Law & Research for CARP, a national advocacy association representing older Canadians. “From home care to long-term care to hospital stays – CARP members know the importance of ensuring that our health care system is responsive, and there when we need it. But financial issues, both personal finances and government finances are also top of mind voting issues.”
Now only three weeks away from the June 7th Ontario election, CARP is poised to push parties on what matters most to its members.
“Advocating for greater investments in health care is a key priority for CARP, to ensure that the system works for everyone. That means we’ll be pushing all parties to address increased long-term care beds, coverage for preventative health care such as vaccines and immunizations, dental and pharmacare coverage and the reduction of overcrowded hospitals and surgical wait times” says Tamblyn Watts.
Drilling into the Broader Issues
When the survey probed into views on specific election issues, it revealed that key issues CARP members support or strongly support include:
CARP Ontario Election Poll Quote
Reducing wait times for procedures (94%)
Dementia supports (90%)
Improving safety and protection for long-term care residents (88%)
Increasing the number of long-term care beds (87%)
Increasing spending to reduce overcrowding at hospitals (86%)
Increasing funding for homecare (83%)
Pension security in the event of company’s bankruptcy (82%)
Increasing caregiver supports (81%)
Funding for adult vaccines for illnesses such as flu and shingles (68%)
Providing funding supports for basic dental care (64%)
Eliminating co-payments or deductibles from seniors’ prescriptions (51%)
Voting Mentality
While an overwhelming 95 per cent of CARP member respondents said they plan to vote in the June election, about 30 per cent were “undecided” as to whom they will vote for at the launch of the campaigns. When asked which factor would most influence their voting decision, the majority (68%) cited “a platform which aligns with my values,” while 15 per cent will choose based on the party leader, and 10 per cent on their local MPP.
Given that healthcare and a party platform which align with personal values are key influencers this provincial election, it’s not surprising that almost half of CARP members (46%) said learning more about all the parties’ platforms could still considerably influence their vote between now and election day.
Learn more about the parties’ platforms:
Ontario Liberal Party:
Ontario PC Party:
Ontario NDP:
Green Party of Ontario:
This survey was conducted via email from April 6th to 13th, 2018 in Ontario; 4,042 CARP members responded. Members are generally age 50 and over. Click here for full survey results.
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