Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, Medical Advisor for “Stand Up Straight” Campaign

Iris Gorfinkel – M.D. and Principal Investigator

Dr. Gorfinkel graduated from McGill University and completed her post graduate training at the University of Toronto where she was named Intern of the Year. Following this she became a Clinical Instructor in Family Medicine at the University of British Columbia, maintained a family practice, and served assessing women in the emergency room on the Sexual Assault Service at Shaughnessy Hospital (now the BC Women’s Hospital).
She moved to Toronto where she maintains a full time general practice and participates in clinical research. In the past 15 years she has participated in over fifty Phase 3 clinical trials examining various aspects of primary care including vaccination, hypertension, migraine headaches and other topics relevant to family medicine. She is actively involved in teaching undergraduate students as well as training future medical office assistants.
She has also served as an External Peer Reviewer writing editorial comments for the Canadian Medical Association Journal since 2006. She feels that it is a great honor and privilege to serve as a physician. She endeavors to provide the care which promotes patient empowerment through imparting knowledge.

Dr. Gorfinkel is acting as CARP’s medical advisor on CARP’s “Stand Up Straight” Community Campaign. For more information visit www.carp.ca/standupstraight


Dr. Gorfinkel provides some professional insight into the benefits of regular physical activity for seniors

Episode 1

Family Physician Dr. Iris Gorfinkel gives her “big box prescription” encouraging regular physical activity for seniors. Shopping allowed.



 Episode 2


Family Physician Dr. Iris Gorfinkel says physical activity is prescribed to almost every patient.



 Episode 3


Family Physician Dr. Iris Gorfinkel explains HOW physical activity is good – and WHY it’s good for seniors.



 Episode 4


Family Physician Dr. Iris Gorfinkel explains why so many seniors don’t achieve the recommend amount of physical activity.



 Episode 5


Family Physician Dr. Iris Gorfinkel explains how much physical activity we need to receive the accompanying the health benefits.



Dr. Iris appeared on Fight Back with Libby Znaimer on ZoomerRadio launching the Stand Up Straight Campaign