Celebrate National Seniors Day with Photo Exhibit & Fundraiser

October 1, 2019 is National Seniors Day

Sanofi Pasteur, CARP’s partner on influenza-education for the 65-plus, is celebrating National Seniors Day on October 1st, with an inspiring photo exhibit and fundraiser that will help seniors fulfill lifelong dreams.

Send in your photo, or that of a “Senior Loved One” and help celebrate National Seniors Day.

Email [email protected] with a photo of yourself, or your “senior loved one.”

This larger-than-life photo exhibit will celebrate the ongoing contribution of seniors to our country, while also raising awareness of the burden of the flu, the domino effect it can have on the lives older Canadians and the importance of protecting ourselves and staying active, healthy and independent as we age –  featuring Canadian seniors (like you) from across the country and will be exhibited to the public in Toronto, from October 1 to October 4.

George McNamara with Sidney Crosby  www.wishofalifetime.ca

How You Can Participate

Help us celebrate National Seniors Day by sharing your photo, or that of a senior loved one. Photos can be of yourself, friends, family, neighbours or colleagues and are a perfect way to pay tribute to any senior who has positively touched your life.

For every photo and/or personal story of a senior submitted, Sanofi Pasteur will donate $2.00 to Wish of a Lifetime Canada, a charity that helps seniors fulfill lifelong dreams. The goal is to raise a minimum of $12,200, representing the number of hospitalizations due to influenza in Canada each year*, up to a maximum of $24,400 for the charity.

To participate, simply email [email protected] with a photo of yourself or your senior loved one. You can also include a brief caption, but it’s not mandatory.

Submissions made before September 10, 2019 may be featured in the exhibit.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that by submitting a photo to the above email address, you hereby grant Sanofi Pasteur the rights to display and publish the photo(s) and captions you have submitted at and in connection with the National Seniors Day exhibit 2019, without compensation or further notice, and you confirm that you have secured all necessary consents in order to do so as applicable. Sanofi Pasteur assumes no responsibility or liability in this regard. You remain the sole owner of your submission at all times.
* Schanzer, D.L., Sevenhuysen, C., Winchester, B., & Mersereau, T. (2013). Estimating influenza deaths in Canada, 1992-2009. PloS ONE, 8(11), e80481. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0080481