Minority or not, CARP demands action

Ballot box

Following a negative, divisive campaign, with little regard to CARP issues, Canadians have elected a minority government. CARP members were dissatisfied with how the campaign unfolded. They told us their top issue was health care, which the leaders hardly mentioned. And when we asked our members which leader best represented their needs and wants, the largest number – 40% –  said “none of them.”

Now as a new Parliament gets under way, much of the news will focus on the dealings and machinations of the parties as they jockey for position. In this uncertain environment, CARP welcomes the opportunity to be clear and to the point:

  • None of the parties are paying sufficient attention to the needs of seniors – Canada’s largest group
  • CARP will hold all parties accountable for direct and immediate action on the files that affect our members the most, such as pension protection, caregiver supports and access to homecare
  • Beyond those important topics, CARP also demands dramatic improvements in our healthcare system. In fact, CARP intends to make healthcare the most important issue in upcoming provincial elections and the next federal election.
  • CARP will not accept excuses for delay based on the minority status of the government or the challenges of day-to-day politics. We are watching. We will hold our elected officials accountable for concrete results.