Alert: Fraudulent calls appear to be from CARP


Please be advised that we have become aware of fraudulent calls that appear to be from CARP.

Fraudulent calls to mobile and landline telephones are on the rise in Canada and we have had reports that these fraudulent groups are now using CARP’s name, offering prizing or vacations in what are known as “Spoof” phone calls.

These calls often appear as coming from a local phone number and provide an automated voice message, often starting out with something like: “Congratulations, your name has been selected….”

These calls are not initiated by CARP and we want to alert you to this and remind you to be vigilant and wary of the many other fraudulent calls in the market today.

For more information on frauds and scams, or to report them, please visit the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre

Please note: CARP does partner with affinity benefits providers to contact members, on occasion, to alert them to the latest discounts and promotions from our trusted membership benefits providers.

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