Survey Results: CARP Members speak out on health care

We recently polled our members to get their opinions on the current state of health care in Canada.

Here are some the key findings:

We asked CARP Members to tell us their top 3 health care concerns.

Wait Times overwhelmingly landed in the top 3 issues:

  1. Wait times to see a specialist (51%)
  2. Wait times in emergency rooms and hospitals (47%)
  3. Wait times to access diagnostics (36%)

Followed by Safe and Accessible Long-Term Care (32%) and At-Home Care (26%) for themselves or a loved one.

53% of Members are very concerned about the length of time it takes to access medical specialists.

92% of Members have a family doctor.

68% of Members have tried to access a primary care provider in the past year. Over 50% waited at least 4 days (30% waited more than a week).

Of Members who applied for long-term care in the past year, 37% are still on a waitlist. 11% waited over a year to be placed.

Of Members who rely on home care, 42% don’t receive a sufficient number of support hours.

Our Members have spoken.