CARP writes to Saskatchewan Government demanding prescription relief for seniors

In coordination with CARP Chapters across the country, our Members in Saskatchewan (Regina) recently wrote to their government demanding financial relief for low income seniors struggling to pay the increased costs for their prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in other provinces/territories, the 30-day limit on refills creates extra payments; an additional burden which many older adults are finding hard to bear.

Kathleen Spatt, the President of the CARP Saskatchewan Chapter says the change has a significant impact on seniors who have multiple prescriptions.

“It’s not uncommon for them take as five, seven, or even more medications,” said Spatt. “Now you’re telling me I have to renew every month, now I’m tripling my cost.”

While many seniors have struggled adapting to the changes, Spatt says many of them agree with it.

“It did make sense to go to the 30-day refill of a prescription, that is something that I don’t think anyone is going to dispute. That it made sense that they wanted to keep a closer eye on our supplies,” said Spatt. “That being said, what it did have, is an unfortunate consequence for low-income seniors.”

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