Manitoba lifts 30-day prescription limit + provides refundable tax credit for seniors

The Government of Manitoba made a couple of steps today to provide relief for seniors in the province.

Firstly, the province has removed the 30-day prescription refill cap, which was causing additional financial hardship to low income seniors, while increasing their risk of COVID-19 infection. Manitoba joins the growing list of provinces that are taking steps to address this issue—a move which CARP has been advocating for since the pandemic began.

Secondly, seniors in Manitoba will receive a $200 refundable tax credit to help cover increases in daily expenses. This is a positive move, but much more needs to be done at the federal level to get seniors through this pandemic without taking a significant financial hit to both their everyday lives and retirement savings.

As always, stay tuned to our COVID-19 coverage to keep up to date on developments impacting older adults in Canada.

Stay safe!