COVID-19: Words of Wisdom

Happy older woman in a chair, smiling

The constant barrage of bad news around COVID-19 can be draining.

As with all things in life, balance is key.

We recently surveyed our Members on their experiences during the pandemic, and asked them for their words of advice and encouragement for staying positive at a time when feeling abnormal has become the ‘new normal’.

In an effort to bring some lightness to your day, we’re sharing these sentiments here.

Check back often, as we’ll continue to add to this page. Groups of new entries start with orange text (and end with a horizontal line to break up the sections), so you can easily tell what’s new and what you’ve already seen!

Stay safe and happy!

Take up a new hobby!

As I remind myself: we are survivors. We have survived and thrived after many challenges, traumas, and tragedies, and we are fully equipped to deal with this.

Have respect for the virus, but live your life. Be smart. 

For goodness sake, wear a mask!

After everything else we have dealt with in the past, we can deal with this, too. 

Take the time to do the things you love but have been putting off because you’ve been too busy. Enjoy the time to slow down a little.

You have lived through so much!  You are a survivor and a source of wonderful expertise—share it with as many people as you can.

Be patient, and don’t panic or jump to conclusions until what you hear is verified.

I think most seniors are pretty strong and resilient in the face of having to “make do”.  I think this might be harder on younger people… 

Start a gratitude list and add one item each day.

Try to stay connected—this will pass.  We must not lose our ability to connect with and care for each other.

Get out of the house daily, even for 20 minute walk, and hear someone’s voice once a day either on the phone or video chat.

Try to find out where you can at least get phone support during these times. Reach out via Facebook or call 211 for ideas. Don’t suffer alone!

Maintain contact, be kind, offer assistance with grocery shopping or errands; phone, email and send kind and encouraging cards to seniors at a distance.

This will end and we will get through it. Have patience and continue to be a responsible citizen of this great country.

Hang in there.  All will be well in time!

Stay busy. Stick to your pre-COVID home practices and keep your mind active by catching up on things that you now have time for.

Stay current on all the changing government announcements.

Keep as active as you can be. Don’t wait for others, reach out yourself.  Support local businesses.  Do something nice for yourself daily.

Keep safe. Stay home if you live independently but, if you need help, don’t be afraid to use the help lines or call a friend or family member. Living alone, I have to remind myself of this too.

Follow the rules. We will get through this!

Stay strong and carry on.

Don’t lose hope. You are valuable and your life is important!

We have all lived through difficult times in the past. This too will pass. 

Please contact your MP to increase pensions.  Hang in there and talk to people and socialize as much as possible.  Also, let people know what help you need.  People are willing to assist if they know how!

Take each day at a time and count your blessings each day, even if it is only waking up each morning with a new day ahead and smile!

Breathe…you are well, in this moment!

Take joy in your loved ones!

Remember all the difficult times that have made you strong and the person you are today.