A shared approach to long-term care

Long-term care falls outside of the Canada Health Act. But should it?

CARP believes that long-term care should be included under Federal government legislation, to enable shared funding between the federal government and the provinces/territories. 

In a recent national poll, 86% of Canadians said they were in favour of bringing long-term care facilities under the Canada Health Act. Only 2% of Canadians opposed this idea.

CARP supports bringing long-term care (institutional + home care) under the Canada Health Act, or to have its own Act. National service standards need to be included as part of the regulatory framework.

Funding would be contingent on meeting the standards set by Federal/Provincial/Territorial governments.

The Federal government should establish a citizen’s oversight panel to ensure that the service quality is achieved and maintained. This panel would provide an annual report to Canadians on the state of Canada’s long-term care system.

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