Auto insurance: Here’s how we’re helping

Older man standing next to car, making a phone call

We’ve received many calls from CARP members, asking about relief on auto insurance premiums, either because they are driving less or need financial help as a consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Our trusted insurance partner, The McLennan Group Insurance Inc., has had a strong program in place from the beginning.

Here are the details for Auto Insurance for CARP Members’ policyholders:

We know that many of our customers are using their personal vehicles less during the pandemic. If you’ve changed your driving behaviour or are no longer using your vehicle at all, please contact us to discuss ways we can work with you to reduce your insurance premium. You can reach your insurance specialist at the number provided on your policy documents.

If you’re facing financial challenges because of COVID-19, contact [email protected]. Given the high number of inquiries we’re currently receiving, please allow us 72 hours to respond.