Ontario reveals details of long-term care commission

The Government of Ontario has revealed more details around the independent commission into long-term care scheduled for this fall.

The commission, which is due to submit its report by the end of April next year, is mandated to provide a non-partisan review of the province’s long-term care system and the many well-documented issues that have hampered its response to COVID-19.

The members of the independent commission are:

  • Associate Chief Justice Frank N. Marrocco (Chair)
  • Angela Coke: former senior executive of the Ontario Public Service (OPS)  and Deputy Minister, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
  • Dr. Jack Kitts: Vice-President of Medical Affairs, The Ottawa Hospital

The commission’s terms of reference were also posted, alongside today’s official announcement.

While CARP supports the independent commission, and plans to provide consultation on behalf of our members, it’s imperative that the government take action now to safeguard seniors in care homes—we can’t afford to wait until next year to see change happen. It’s also critical that the entire process maintain complete transparency through public hearings.

“Public hearings are essential, otherwise you lose the ability for public scrutiny,” cautions Marissa Lennox, CARP’s Chief Policy Officer.

Fixing this system requires more than band-aid solutions.  CARP has outlined a clear set of demands that can be implemented immediately to make congregate care safer as a potential second wave of COVID-19 draws nearer.

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