CARP endorses ON Long-Term Care Staffing Study—urges government to act quickly

CARP welcomes the Ontario Long-term Care Staffing Study—a key deliverable of the public inquiry into long-term care that resulted from the Wettlaufer murders, and urges government to move swiftly on the recommendations.

CARP has long advocated for the government to take action in providing better ratios of qualified staffing in long-term care homes. The results of this study urge the Ontario government to develop a comprehensive staffing strategy, which reflects the diversity of both the sector and residents who live in long-term care homes. This includes increasing the number of staff caring for residents and ensuring an appropriate mix of staff specializations to meet the unique medical complexities and vulnerabilities of residents.

“The problems impeding long-term care are interconnected and need to be addressed systematically but, ultimately, the safety of residents comes back to the staff on the floor,” says Marissa Lennox, CARP’s Chief Policy Officer.

In a recent survey of CARP Members, 94% of respondents said there is not enough staff to care for residents in long-term care. Another 63% of members believe the level of government funding for long-term care staff is poor. “While the study itself is affirming, it’s up to the government to make the necessary and urgent change happen now,” says Lennox.

CARP will be watching closely as Ontario turns its attention to creating a fulsome strategy to rebuild long-term care in the province—a system that has failed vulnerable seniors with fatal consequences.

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