BC Seniors Advocate asks seniors to speak out on long-term care

The BC Seniors Advocate is asking older adults and their families to share their stories and struggles navigating the long-term care crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feedback is being collected via an online survey, and centres around the restrictions on visitation and the impact they’ve had on families fighting to protect their isolated loved ones in care homes.

We’re well aware of the negative affects of isolation on vulnerable residents in long-term care homes—depression, cognitive decline and frailty are all exacerbated when seniors are unable to maintain their social connections—and CARP has been vocal on the critical role unpaid caregivers play in maintaining the health of their loved ones in care settings.

Until homes are appropriately staffed, a key pillar in rebuilding a long-term care system into one that can actually meet the needs of those it purports to serve, these unsung heroes will continue to make a integral contribution to providing adequate care for residents.

We invite our BC Members to complete the survey, sending their message directly to the Office of the Seniors Advocate in British Columbia.

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