CARP helps seniors vote safely in next elections

CARP is consulting with Elections Canada to ensure seniors, Canada’s most influential voters, can make it out to the polls safely and easily during the upcoming election(s).

This is something we’ve done for several years, as we know that our Members are passionate political advocates, and deserve the right to vote on their own terms! 

We’ve identified several potential roadblocks to some seniors being able to cast their votes:

  1. Volunteers, who often facilitate voting for residents in long-term care, likely won’t be allowed into homes. Polling stations are often created in common areas, and these might not be allowed either due to gathering restrictions.
  2. Political candidates will not likely be allowed into long-term care homes to meet with voters, limiting their opportunity to engage in the electoral process.
  3. Some seniors will have trouble with electronic voting, if they don’t have support.

These issues have the potential to affect vulnerable seniors at home as well (especially those in remote areas, who may be even more cut off from community supports and services).

CARP will be participating in a Canada Post consultation on behalf of our Members—we’ll update you with more in the coming weeks.