6 in 7 ON long-term care homes are negligent without penalty

A deep dive into 10,000 inspection reports has exposed that 6 in 7 Ontario long-term care homes are repeat offenders for negligence and abuse—with no consequences.

The recent analysis unearthed 30,000 “written notices,” or violations of the Long-Term Care Homes Act and Regulations (LTCHA), between 2015 and 2019 inclusive. The LTCHA sets out minimum safety standards that every care home in Ontario must meet. 

Despite the fact that 538 out of 632 care homes have been found to be in repeat violation of harming residents, only 2 homes in the province have been shut down over the last decade.

“The fact that these facilities continue to operate without repercussion for these crimes—and they are crimes—is disgraceful,” remarks Bill VanGorder, C.A.R.P.’s Chief Policy Officer. “Although fear of punishment shouldn’t be the deterrent for these homes, the message being sent here is that residents don’t matter. Negligence cannot, and will not, continue to be normalized.”

This shocking revelation adds further fuel to the fire of C.A.R.P.’s new vision of long-term care, with home and community care as the solution.

Until every senior has the support and care needed to age where they want to be, our work continues.

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