ON makes moves on new standard of long-term care

Sources say the Government of Ontario is set to announce a new standard of long-term care today.

Following on the heels of last week’s interim recommendations from the province’s own Independent Commission into Long-term Care, the government will likely commit to a minimum of 4 hours of daily direct care for each resident.

An acceptable minimum level of direct care to maintain residents’ dignity and quality of life has long been part of C.A.R.P.’s list of demands to shore up the urgent shortcomings in care homes across the Province.

“Committing to at least four hours of daily focused care per resident is positive step forward in protecting Ontario’s vulnerable seniors, both in and out of a pandemic situation,” says Bill VanGorder, C.A.R.P.’s Chief Policy Officer. “However, making this work will require a serious effort to increase staffing levels, including ensuring the right combination of skills among front-line workers to provide the requisite complex care in today’s long-term care homes.”

As federal and provincial governments continue to hold heated (and overdue) conversations around the establishment of a national standard of long-term care, C.A.R.P. will continue to be a strong voice at the table for our members.

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