Jagmeet Singh personally addresses C.A.R.P. Members at virtual event

On Oct 30, C.A.R.P. welcomed federal NDP party leader Jagmeet Singh to our annual Chapter Congress; a virtual meeting of our regional chapter leaders from across the country.

As a part of our mandate to provide a non-partisan platform for older adults to exercise their formidable voting influence, C.A.R.P. routinely makes a direct connection between political leaders and our members.

We always give equal opportunity to representatives from all parties—Singh was quick to take us up on the chance to take part in this important cross-province conversation.

Walking us through the New Democratic Party’s commitments to seniors, Singh showed a high level of knowledge on the issues that matter most to our members. Our chapter leaders were thankful for the chance to ask their pressing questions, and to have a direct line to make their voices heard.

Watch the video below: