C.A.R.P. Delivers for Member in Need

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the member and subscriber support centre for C.A.R.P. and Zoomer Magazine  (1-888-363-2277) has become a defacto helpline for seniors across Canada who are not connected to our website. Recently C.A.R.P. staff and volunteers came together to help a member in crisis.

Ontario C.A.R.P. member Bill Bird had his driver’s license suspended after the car he was driving was involved in a collision in November.  Bird, 96, was not at fault, but as an older driver he was automatically required to take a road test.

“I’ve been driving since I was 16.  Never had a ticket or an accident,” said Bird, who failed the test 75 years after first receiving his license.

As a widower living in a rural area and family scattered throughout the province, Bird faced an uncertain future.  With limited options, the World War II veteran called C.A.R.P. for help.

The call centre immediately relayed the message to Chief Community Officer Anthony Quinn, who reached out to the C.A.R.P. chapter in Bill’s area.  They, in turn, connected him to a volunteer church group that agreed to help Bill with grocery shopping.  Moreover, the volunteer organizer (coincidentally, also a C.A.R.P. member) knew a community seniors’ group that could help Mr. Bird with any other support he might need.

Bill is preparing to re-take the test in March 2021.