Optometrists Sept 1. deadline for new deal with Ontario government

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Ontario optometrists tell C.A.R.P. they have exhausted all options to get the Ontario government to adequately support eye care. The government’s refusal to negotiate has left optometrists with no other choice but to take action.

“After more than 30 years of underfunding, the government now covers an average of 55% of the cost of an OHIP-insured eye exam, leaving optometry clinics to absorb the other 45%. With more than four million services delivered annually under OHIP, the system is no longer sustainable,” according to a release from the Ontario Association of Optometrists.

On September 1st, Ontario optometrists will stop providing eye care to all patients covered by OHIP. This means that seniors, children, and all other patients covered by OHIP will not be able to access the eye care they need.

To stop this from happening, the Ontario government and Ontario Optometrists must commit to a formal and binding negotiation process that will lead to a solution where optometrists are not out of pocket for OHIP covered appointments.

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